Condition: Mild

Yeast connected problems are less likely to be of concern.

Based on your score of  there’s a low probability you’re suffering from yeast infection symptoms.

And although we don't believe you require our yeast eradication program we have nevertheless included some personalized resources below to help boost your health.

What you need to know:

Yeast or Candida Albicans infections are caused by a naturally occurring yeast-like fungi found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of 90% of the population. 

Candida is an opportunistic pathogen, meaning it's not a problem when kept in check by friendly bacteria but can become a problem when these bacteria are no longer present (as if usually the case if you've taken antibiotics and other medications mentioned in my quiz).

Long term digestive disturbances are often the first sign.

From there, Candida often spreads to the genitals and other parts of the body. Candida is often misdiagnosed as SIBO, IBS, or another gut problem.

Your Personalized Health Plan:

Based on your responses, we have identified THREE things you can do today to boost your heath.

You may also want to grab our FREE copy of my Candida Crusher Shopping List at the bottom of this page.  

1. Avoid certain foods

Although it is rare for a candida infection to be cured by diet alone, diet does play a major role in the recovery process. This is because the yeast-like fungi responsible for yeast infections (candida)resides primarily in the GI tract & extracts its energy from the food you eat.

To learn what foods you should eat and which you should avoid with candida (so you can starve it out), see page 11 of the Candida Crusher Shopping List report below.

2. Take a natural antifungal

Because candida is a yeast-like fungi, it responds to antifungals. I recommend natural antifungals in particular because the pharmaceutical ones tend to have side effects. Natural antifungals include things like garlic, caprylic acid, undecylenic acid, GSE (grapefruit seed extract), black walnut hull extract, pau d’arco, neem, clove and biotin.

These work by breaking down the cell walls of the candida yeast and are a treatment plan 99.9% of candida sufferers are not aware of.

If you want to learn more about this subject and find out which antifungal supplements I personally recommend, see page 5 of my Candida Crusher Shopping List at the bottom of this page.

3. Use a high quality probiotic

This is important because probiotics (aka “good bacteria”) are what keep candida yeast in check inside the GI tract. They also play a major part in immune system function.

If you’re reading this page it’s almost certain you have low levels of friendly bacteria in your gut, so make sure you grab a high quality probiotic. Don’t go for the cheap stuff. Grab the Candida Crusher Shopping Guide and I’ll help you pick out the best ones.

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Say Goodbye to Embarrassing

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Yeast Infection Symptoms

Learn the 3 stages of the gut-restoring 

diet, what foods to eat & avoid, how to

pick out supplements and lots more.

Learn the 3 stages of the gut-restoring diet, what foods to eat & avoid, how to pick out supplements and lots more.

Click below to download your free shopping 
guide PDF & start the journey to recovery.

Click below to download your free shopping guide PDF & start the journey to recovery.

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