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My name is Eric Bakker (N.D.). Based on your score of there’s a MODERATE probability you’re suffering from several Gut Parasites symptoms.

In Case You're Not Familiar With Me or My Credentials. . .

I'm a naturopathic physician based in New Zealand. I've specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of gut disorders for almost 35 years (I may not look it, but I'll be 59 this year).

Having worked with over 60,000 patients from over 30 different countries either at my New Zealand clinic or via Skype. . .

I can say with good confidence I've seen every ​type of parasite infection out there & can help you with yours.

I also personally manage the largest gut disorder related Youtube channel (called Candida Crusher) with currently 1353 in-depth videos on yeast infections, leaky gut, parasites, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, SIBO, crohn's and virtually every other gut problem out there.

At the time of writing this, I have 60,068 subscribers and 9,116,910 video views.

This is the type of work I do. 

But enough about me, let's talk about Gut Parasites.

Gut Parasites & How to Get Rid of Them For Good:

A lot of patients get freaked out when I mention gut parasites

They immediately get scary visions of monsters or slimy worms with hooks. Something that gets inside you, rips your intestines apart and comes out of your bum and wiggles around in the toilet.

Forget all that stuff.

Most parasites are so small you can't even see the darn things without a microscope. And even then you sometimes need DNA technology (such as a PCR test, which very few doctors know how to perform) to determine if there's a parasite in the stool or not. (I'll talk more about this in a few minutes).

Gut parasites are extremely common. Most medical doctors in the West think that if you haven't been to countries like India or Africa you don't have to worry about parasites.

This couldn't be further from the truth

randomized study published in 2002 by the The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene that tested thousands of people from 48 states found that 1 in 3 people, or 32% of the U.S. population were infected with any number of 19 different parasites.

Infection rate varied by state, with Alabama having the highest rate of infection at 67% of the population.

Blastocystis was most common, followed by Cryptosporidium ranking in 2nd place and Entamoeba in 3rd.

You've likely never heard of these parasites but they're very small. 

Too small to see with the naked eye. 

Another common parasite is pinworms. According to the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the infection rate of pinworms among all ages is 11.4% in the United States & about 15.5% worldwide. 

That's 37.8 million in the U.S. and 1.2 billion people worldwide.

Routine lab tests often miss them. Whether it's a regular stool test or a blood sample, parasites are commonly missed. This happens for a number of reasons which I explain in my Youtube video above.

Conventional stool testing, in my opinion, is a waste of time for parasites. 

So are visual analyses of the stool. 

I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten over the years saying things like "I've seen this huge big white thing coming out of my stool wriggling around in the toilet bowl. Is it a worm of some sort?"

You can get things like roundworms or hookworms but you're not going to pass bowel motions and see creatures doing freestyle in the toilet bowel. 

These things are just fantasy land.

They don't happen to regular people.

Seeing things in the stool usually means undigested food particles.

Keep reading because I tell you the #1 test I use to determine if a patient has parasites or not a little later in this page. It's a test you've probably never heard of before. . . 

Why Some People Get Parasites (While Others Don't):

Symptoms can vary from person to person depending on type of parasite you have. One of the common signs is a bowel function disorder such as unexplained constipation, gas, diarrhea or IBS. 

Another one is persistent itchy skin around the thighs or upper arms or neck or itchy bum, as well as farigue & never feeling full or satisfied after a meal.

So . . . I'm sorry to tell you this but . . . if you've been suffering from bowel problem for some time . . . the chances you've got a parasite infection are QUITE HIGH these days. 

And as unpleasant as it may be to heard, it's very common.  

Bugs with weird names like Dientamoeba fragilis, Blastocystis hominus, Hafnia and more. Over 50% of patients I see with gut disorders have at least one of these, with Blastocystis being most common.

There's lots of factors that can predispose you a parasite infection. Antibiotics are a prime cause of parasite infections in the West.

"But Eric, my doctor said I'm supposed to take antibiotics for parasites & nothing survives them!"

So why do I say antibiotics are a primary cause of parasite infections?

The problem with antibiotics & other drugs such as antihelminthics (as you've probably read elsewhere) is they indiscriminately target & wipe out EVERYTHING in your gut. Including your beneficial bacteria.

But what most people (including many GI docs) don't understand is these beneficial bacteria are what PREVENT parasite infections (as well as most other gut disorders) & inhibit them in the first place.

Good bacteria, primarily lactobacillus and bifida, are your gut's IMMUNE SYSTEM. They're like a defense force or a police unit. They keep the "bad guys" (parasites) in check and prevent them from gaining a foothold.

Think about what would happen to a town of city if one day all the "good guys" or police disappeared.

The criminals would move in and take over.

And that's exactly what's happened in your gut. When you take a course of antibiotics, you're wiping out everything – the criminals AND the police. This opens the door for more and more parasites (as well as other "bad guys" I'll talk about later) to get in and wreck havoc.

Gut parasites are like germs. They're everywhere and there's over 50,000 different species you can get. They're on door knobs, your neighbor's pets can have them, they can even be on certain foods you eat. 

You can't avoid them unless you live in a plastic bubble.

But you can stop them from colonizing your gut.

And you do that by having high levels of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.

This is the #1 reason many patients end up struggling with parasites for YEARS. If you're still reading this I'm willing to bet you've already tried taking one round of drugs after another, or even 2 rounds at once.

And what happened? 

The first time you took some of these drugs you felt a little better for a while right? Your symptoms might have gone away for a few weeks or even a few months. . .

But then the parasites came back. . .

All because there was no "police force" to drop the "bad guys" who pass through your digestive system every day from just setting up camp all over again. And then you felt discouraged & depressed because you just wasted weeks putting all of your energy and hope into this treatment that in the end did nothing.

I've heard this story again and again and again. . .

Eventually the drugs just do nothing at all because your parasites become resistant to them and you end up with a gut with no beneficial bacteria ("police") at all and nothing but parasites ("bad guys") & the friends they invite (more on this later) crawling around inside you. . .

This is especially true if you've been struggling with parasites for a long time.

A healthy gut that has high levels of beneficial bacteria is a parasite's worst nightmare. They can't survive for long in this kind of environment because it's toxic to them. 

I'll get back to why parasites don't like beneficial bacteria in a few minutes. ​

As I said in the Youtube videos above, in my experience 90% of people who get treated with drugs like mebendazole or albendazole come back & complain of the same symptoms they had in the first place!

Tummy pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating, nausea, dizziness.

I can't tell you how many patients I've seen over the last +30 years who went down the conventional route, got put on drugs like secnidazole, trimethoprim, diloxanide, saw results for one to three months, & then ended up sick again!

I haven't seen this once. 

​I haven't seen this twice. 

I've seen it HUNDREDS of times!

I've read many studies on parasites that claimed they had +90% success rate using some of these drugs, but from clinical experience I can tell you right now that's a load of BULL.

I know this because when I test patients who've been on these drugs their results come back still showing parasites in a large ​​majority of cases. So I don't know where they get 90% from because in my experience it's more like 9%.

​Why Natural Treatment Is More Effective For Parasites

From my clinical experience, the most effective way to get rid of gut parasites for good, believe it or not, is natural medicine treatment.

Listen up: ​

When I say "natural medicine treatment" I DON'T mean simply going on Amazon or iHerb and buying some cheap wormwood or clove tincture and taking it every day. 

This is what most people do.

And then when they see no change in their symptoms during the first one or two weeks they say "this natural treatment stuff doesn't work! It's a load of crap!" 

And then they spend the next 3 years spending thousands of dollars bouncing from one GI specialist to another trying every top shelf antibiotic & antihelminthic drug under the sun and still getting nowhere

All with the hope that the next drug will finally cure them & return their life to normal.

This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE patients with parasites make!

They just focus on killing the parasite. What they need to do is focus on their gut health as a whole.

We need to focus on transforming your gut from a place where parasites can THRIVE unchallenged – into a place that HOSTILE to them & instead encouraging to friendly bacteria. 

Here's a more scientific explanation for you.

See this diagram below? That's how the lining of your gut looks like right now.

The way digestion works is food matter passes through your gut & rubs against millions of tiny microscopic "bristles" that line your gut wall. 

These bristles are called microvilli.

In healthy people, these microvilli are coated with a layer of friendly bacteria which helps break down food and fights off any parasites (or other gut pathogens) that pass by.

Many people don't know this, but the average person has anywhere between 2 to 4 pounds of bacteria in their GI tract at all times. That's literally trillions of bacteria cells with 300 to 400 different species in the mix.

The most common types are lactobacilli, bifida, streptococci, bacteroides, and bad bacteria such as coliforms. Lactobacillus and bifida bacteria are generally known as the beneficial or good bacteria

Bacteria is necessary for you to digest food.

You really can't break food down without them. When you've got large amounts of beneficial bacteria, you're going to have a much better digestive system. That means a lot less constipation and a lot less gas.

However in your case. . .

Instead of having this coating of friendly bacteria, you've got a layer of toxin producing parasites such as Blastocystis hominus, Dientamoeba fragilis, Cryptosporidium, Hafnia and maybe more. . .

When these good bacteria are no longer present (usually because of antibiotics) parasites & other bugs move in and start causing problems.

Once we get rid of the bad guys who have colonized your microvilli & replace them with the good guys (friendly bacteria), your life is going to return to normal pretty darn fast.

And that's what I mean by natural medicine treatment.

Parasite infections respond remarkably well to this kind of treatment. 
In fact, they respond 
BETTER than pharmaceutical medicines because natural medicines don't kill your beneficial bacteria.

You can't do this with pharmaceutical medications. They're like nuclear bombs

I've been at this for over 30 years & I can tell you right now – when it comes to gut problems, the natural approach beats the pharmaceutical approach hands down every singe time.

Except for the very rare cases when we've exhausted all options for the patient & need to bring out drugs. 

But these cases are very, very rare. And in those cases there's going to be fallout for the patient & side effects which we have to clean up over time. 

CDSA Testing For Parasites:

If you've been suffering from parasites for a while you probably feel like you've taken every darn test on the planet. You've had blood tests, stool tests & maybe even a colonoscopy & endoscopy & multiple allergy tests.

And when most of these tests came back with nothing the GI specialist sent you back to the medical doctor who then probably said you had IBS or kicked you over to the psychiatrist because they thought you were imagining things happening in your digestive system that the doctor couldn't find.

I've seen this pattern again and again and again. . .

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is what I call a "garbage-can diagnosis." It's where they lump you into when they have NO IDEA what the heck is wrong. 

What they should have done is given you a stool test known as a CDSA x3

"But Eric didn't you say conventional stool testing was a waste of time for parasites?"

Yes but a CDSA x3 (stands for Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis w/ Parasitology, 3 samples) is different. Most stool tests only look for a narrow range of problems. A CDSA is going to look at everything.

It is the least invasive, most advanced test for you can do for the gut. 

It's going to tell you the levels of beneficial bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifida you have, the levels of bad bacteria, their species, if you have an overgrowth of yeast like Candida, how many parasites you have, their names, whether your gut has problems absorbing certain nutrients & a whole lot more. 

I'm still amazed at how often parasite patients come to me after being to a dozen of more doctors or "gut specialists" NEVER having had a CDSA test performed or even heard of one!

I can tell you right now what you're most likely going to find is a lack of beneficial bacteria. Over 60% of CDSA test results I see these days reveal the patient has almost no beneficial bacteria at all.

The lab couldn't culture them and they couldn't find them.

I've found this to be especially so in patients who suffer from chronic fatigue.

The amount of stuff I've picked up in these tests over the years have been absolutely phenomenal. The misdiagnoses, the screw ups from specialists, the complete stuff ups from other practitioners giving patients completely wrong advice because they never tested them. . .

So if you've had a digestive problem for a long time & you really want to find out what's going it, and you're sick of going from doctor to doctor to doctor, with everybody giving you antibiotics, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, naturopathic pills or whatever pills they keep giving you, you need to get a CDSA test done.

Even if you already know what type of parasite you have.

Because In my experience, most parasite patients I see when I do CDSA testing (and I've done thousands of these tests) have got imbalances across the board

They've got poor levels of beneficial bacteria.

Many will have fungal or yeast issues. Others will have high levels of bad bacteria such as bacteroides, clostrididium difficile, pseudomonas, and more. . .

Normally your good bacteria would eradicate these nasty bugs before they could gain a foothold.

That's what I use a broad spectrum anti-microbial, anti-parasite, plus anti-fungal formula at my clinic that targets & wipes out all these "bad guys" AT ONCE. You'll get more information on this topic once you download my free PDF guide at the bottom of this page.

Gut Parasites and Diet:

Another topic I want to talk to you about on this page is diet. I'm only going to cover it briefly here because you'll learn much more about it once you grab my free 187 Foods That Irritate the Heck Out of Parasites Shopping List PDF guide at the bottom of this page. 

There's a lot of information online on different parasite websites about diet & what foods to eat.

A lot of this information is put together by people who never see any patients, but there's also plenty of information by people like me who do see patients.

The first thing that you need to obviously do is cut out all of the crap out of your diet. Sugary foods, ice cream, alcohol, soda drinks, breads that you buy in the shop, all these kinds of foods need to go.

Parasites can be weakened by taking away their food source

You've got to stop giving them food and start annoying the hell out of them with spices and herbs. This leaves them weak and easy to take out with natural medicines and supplements. 

I don't need to get into all the different foods you should or shouldn't eat while recovering from parasites. 

You can learn all about that in my free pdf guide

I also need to spend some time teaching you about what I call the MEVY Diet (meat, eggs, vegetables, yogurt) but you'll get links to those videos once you grab my free report at the bottom of the this page. 

Natural Anti-Parasite Supplements:

The final topic I want to briefly talk to you about is supplements.

You don't need to supplement. You can treat a lot of gut problems with diet and lifestyle alone. But the problem is it can take months or years for you to recover, whereas, a good quality supplement is going to fast track that (especially if your symptoms are severe).

That's one of the reasons why I developed my own supplement line.

This page is not about selling supplements. It's about you understanding the full picture of parasite infections & what you need to do to recover. But a high quality supplement taken at the right time is going to make you feel pretty darn good pretty quickly.

I've used all kind of supplements now for over 20 years in my practice. I've used just about every probiotic, anti-microbial, & anti-parasite formula out there on patients. Every professional product, every retail one.

And I found them ALL to be lacking.

It's different for you because if you have a problem and you buy a product, it's either going to work or it's not.

I treat thousands of people like you, so I get feedback all the time & feel responsible if something I tell a patient to take ends up not getting them the results they want.

That's why I got so sick and tired using other people's stuff. I got disillusioned with all the negative feedback I kept getting from the products I was proscribing. So in 2013 I started formulating my own range of dietary supplements specifically for people like you with gut disorders.


The first product I created was called CanXida Remove. CanXida Remove is an advanced broad spectrum 12 ingredient anti-parasite, anti-fungal and anti-bacteria formula based on over 26 years of research and working with over 60,000 gut disorder patients either at my clinic or via FaceTime or Skype. 

Don't think this is just a candida supplement like the name suggests, it's not. CanXida Remove is equally suitable for people with parasites, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's and colitis, food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, the list goes on.

This isn't some random herbal blend – I literally looked at thousands of CDSA tests & sensitivity panels to find the EXACT medicines to best target ALL the pathogens I found in my patient's stools.

What's particularly unique about this formula is it doesn't kill off your beneficial bacteria. I've seen this repeatedly with stool testing. Many patients have used formula for parasites to great effect after having used dozens other products with no luck at all.  

It also uses "standardized" ingredients.

Standardization means that each time you take this supplement, you're getting a consistent therapeutic dose. It doesn't vary in potency from batch to batch as is often the case in non-standardized supplements. It's a bit like how pharmaceuticals are made. You get the same strong therapeutic dose every time you take it.

Since then I've also made a probiotic formula (CanXida Restore) specifically for gut disorders but you can learn more about that after you get my free anti-parasite foods report on the bottom of this page.

What To Do Now:

Click the button below to download your free "187 Foods That Irritate the Heck Out of Parasites Shopping List" PDF report below now because there's only so much I'm able to teach you on this page.

In it you'll discover my 3 phase gut restoring diet, as well as everything you need to know about how to shop for fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains & flours, pasta, noodles, beans, nuts, breads, soups, spreads & dips, seafood, poultry, meats, dairy, oils, fermented & cultured foods and more during your recovery process.

All written specifically for people just like you.

As I'm sure you've noticed, my advice isn't the kind you're going to find on blogs or various parasite websites. My experience comes from many years of clinical practice working with patients. That's why I can "fill in the gaps" that other practitioners and websites leave out.

Simply click the button below, enter your email, and we'll continue this on the other side.

All the best,

Eric Bakker (N.D.)

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Say Goodbye to Abdominal Pain,  Fatigue, Constipation, & Other Parasite Symptoms

Say Goodbye to ​Abdominal Pain, Fatigue, ​ConstipationOther ​Parasite Symptoms

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diet, what foods to eat & avoid, how to

pick out supplements and lots more.

Learn the 3 stages of the gut-restoring diet, what foods to eat & avoid, how to pick out supplements and lots more.

Click below to download your free shopping 
guide PDF & start the journey to recovery.

Click below to download your free shopping guide PDF & start the journey to recovery.

Who is Eric Bakker:

Who is Eric Bakker:

Naturopathic physician Eric Bakker (N.D.) is a world recognized gut disorder specialist & the founder plus clinical director of the New Zealand clinic known as The Naturopaths.

He is Vice President of the New Zealand Natural Medicine Association plus a public speaker & the author of several books. Eric Bakker frequently writes for the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine on topics such as leaky gut, parasites, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, SIBO, & crohn's disease.

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