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Get $5 Off CanXida Remove Advanced Broad Spectrum Formula 

Why a broad spectrum formula for parasites you ask?

Most don't know this, but parasites will often partner up with bad bacteria & yeasts and you have to treat these problems as a whole if you truly want to recover (this is especially important if you've been on multiple antibiotics). 

That’s why I created CanXida Remove.

CanXida Remove is an advanced 12 ingredient anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasite formula based on over 26 years of research and working with over 60,000 parasite & other gut disorder patients at my New Zealand clinic.

It’s the only formula that targets the “big picture” of parasite infections.

If you’ve got parasites you know what these are. . .

Symptoms Addressed by CanXida Remove:

  • Severe bloating & gas
  • Nausea & brain fog
  • Chronic stomach pain & cramps
  • Unexplained diarrhea & constipation
  • Severe fatigue caused by poor digestion
  • Abnormal or slow gut motility
  • Rectal itching & loose stools
  • Symptoms attributed to irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO, and leaky gut syndrome

Note: Also treats secondary infections associated with gut parasites such as dysbiosis (poor beneficial bacterial levels), Candida Albicans (yeast) overgrowth & bad bacteria infections such clostrididium difficile and pseudomonas (because once your gut has parasites & low levels of friendly bacteria it’s not hard for other “bad guys” to get in).

Also effective against parasites that have become resistant to pharmaceutical medications (common in patients who've been on many rounds of drugs & no longer feel any results from them, even short term).

CanXida Remove is the ultimate first step to permanent parasite eradication & the exact formula I tell all new patients to start with when they begin treatment.

Other Information:

Effective against a broad spectrum of parasite invaders plus over 100 different yeast species (including 20 species of candida) and over 800 different bad bacteria including e coli, staph aureus giardia, entamoeba histolytica, trichomonas vaginalis & more.

Clinically & scientifically tested to be more effective at wiping out worms, parasites and yeasts than commercially available pharmaceutical chemicals such as metronidazole (aka Flagyl).

  • Sustained release (targets all parts of the GI tract including mouth, intestines & colon).
  • Effective against yeast, bad bacteria, & parasites.
  • Non-toxic and can be taken long term.
  • Ruptures & destroys parasites & yeast cells upon contact.
  • Prevents gut parasites from reproducing.
  • Does not harm beneficial bacteria.
  • Supports a healthy GI tract and gut-related immune function.
  • Natural herbal solution (safe even for children).
  • Does not cause bad side effects.
  • Formulated so yeast & parasites cannot become resistant.

CanXida Remove is made in the USA & comes with a 100% money back guarantee plus free shipping worldwide.

Stop Putting Up With the Pain, Embarrassment,

Self-doubt and Unsupportive Doctors

Stop Putting Up With the Pain, Embarrassment, Self-doubt and Unsupportive Doctors

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(Note: This offer is one time only)

A personal note from Eric Bakker:

Having suffered a severe gut infection in 1985 (which almost caused me to take my own life), I know how you’re feeling. And while I may not have experienced every symptom you’re having, my patients certainly have.

I know the feeling of despair and frustration associated with bouncing from doctor to doctor and having each one tell you nothing is wrong & it's "all in your head." I know about the abdominal pain, the on-and-off diarrhea and constipation, the overwhelming fatigue, the depression, the misery & everything else.


I know about the pain & the continuous nightmare of waking up every morning and not being able to leave your house due to the "runs" and fears of "accidents" & how all this is effecting your job & your social life.

I also know you've tried many other solutions already. They didn't work so well did they? Maybe you 

were able to get rid of your symptoms for a few weeks or months only to have them all creep back up on you.

I've been at this for over 29 years and let me tell you now, the biggest mistake you can make with parasites is to just keep taking round after round of drugs & hope something good happens. It won't.

I see this almost daily with patients at my New Zealand clinic, many of which come to me saying they’ve been suffering with these symptoms for years!

That’s why I urge you to take this first step towards recovery and give CanXida Remove a try.

Patients tell me all the time they had no faith whatsoever in my field of medicine before they came to me. And if that’s how you are that’s ok, because I know you’ll be amazed at how noticeable your recovery is starting with just your first week of being on my unique protocol.

When you wake up feeling normal again . . .

Just like those patients. . .

Forget the crap GI doctors tell you about your symptoms being "just IBS". IBS is what I call a garbage-can-diagnosis. It's where they lump you when they have no idea what the heck is wrong. The truth is you have a bowel infection & your parasite symptoms will clear up to a remarkable degree once we get rid of the nasty bugs in your gut.

So whether or not you decide to take advantage of my special offer, I’m going to be sending you some really high quality gut parasite videos which’ll not only teach you how to fix your parasite problem for good. . .

But take your overall health to a whole new level. . . (Trust me, I may not look it but I’m almost 60).

Make sure you check them out because while supplements help a lot, they’re only part of the equation.

Stay tuned and watch that inbox,

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(Note: This offer is one time only)

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