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CanXida Remove Advanced Cleansing Tablets

Why an anti-fungal for a yeast problem like candida you ask?

Many don’t know this, but yeast infections are actually caused by a yeast-like fungi known as Candida Albicans. That’s why we created CanXida RMV (stands for Remove).

CanXida Remove is an advanced broad spectrum anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasite formula based on over 30 years of research and working with over 16,000 

candida & gut disorder cases.

It’s the only formula that targets the “big picture”of gut disturbances.

If you’ve got a candida problem you know what these are…

Symptoms Addressed by CanXida Remove:

  • Severe gas & bloating
  • Unexplained constipation & diarrhea
  • Stomach or abdominal pain caused by indigestion
  • Vaginal thrush (aka vaginal discharge & “fishy smell”) and jock itch
  • Recurring toenail fungus (and fungus infections in general)
  • Oral yeast infection symptoms such as white tongue
  • Sugar cravings (these are often caused by yeast)
  • Severe lack of energy, fatigue and tiredness (often caused by adrenal fatigue)
  • Inability to lose weight 
  • Persistent itchy skin rashes caused by fungal overgrowth
  • Symptoms attributed to irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO, and leaky gut syndrome

Note: Also treats secondary infections caused by long term gut issues such as dysbiosis (poor beneficial bacterial levels) and microscopic parasite infections such as Blastocystis & Hafnia (because once your gut has candida & low levels of “friendly” bacteria it’s not hard for other “bad guys” to get in).

Also effective against bad bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotic medications (common in people who've been on many rounds of antibiotics & no longer feel any results from them, even short term).

The 12 Natural Ingredients That Make CanXida Remove Work:

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) (45% standardized) - probably my favorite natural anti-fungal, GSE was discovered by Korean scientists to destroy the cell membranes of over 100 different yeast cell species along with over 800 different pathogenic bacteria WHILE IGNORING beneficial flora. A lot of people have trouble taking GSE because of how bitter it is (which is why we put it in a tablet).

  • Berberine Concentrate HCL (85% standardized) - Berberine is a natural antibiotic found in herbs such as goldenseal and berberis vulgaris. It has a broad spectrum application in that it not only weakens Candida but is also effective against some of the nastiest bad bacteria such as e coli, staph aureus giardia, entamoeba histolytica, trichomonas vaginalis, leishmania donovani as well as several well-known parasites.

  • Clove (4 : 1 ratio standardized) - Another herb very effective against yeasts and parasites, clove contains a substance called eugenol which a 2009 study at the University of Porto, Portugal, discovered RUPTURES & DESTROYS yeast cells upon contact. They also found that it almost entirely prevents Candida Albicans from producing hyphae, which are branching filaments that Candida & other fungi use to penetrate the gut wall & spread to other parts of the body. Eugenol was even found to be effective against yeast strains that had become resistant to fluconazole (Diccucan), one of the most common anti-fungal drugs used to treat yeast infections.

  • Garlic, aged extract (2% allicin standardized) - Garlic contains allicin, one of the most potent anti-fungals ever discovered. Studies have found it to be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs such as Ketoconazole & Nystatin for destroying Candida Albicans. You may think 2% sounds small but that's actually a whole lot because when that gets slow released throughout your whole digestive system it's going to have a very strong kill effect on over 800 different kinds of bad bacteria, 20 different kinds of Candida & many, many different kinds of yeasts species such as microsporum, geotrichum, aspergillus and more. Yeast hates garlic, particularly standardized, because it can't develop a resistance to it. (Don't worry if you can't handle garlic or are sensitive to it).

  • Caprylic acid - a short chain fatty acid derived from coconut which has been found to stop Candida from replicating. It's perfect for a sustained release formula like this one because the effect isn't too strong but at the same time it's not something yeast can develop a resistance to. Caprylic acid works best in conjunction with undecylenic acid but sadly these are rarely found together in one formula.

  • Undecylenic acid - a fatty acid that comes from castor bean. It's a little more potent than caprylic acid but prefers a slightly more acidic environment to work.

  • Betaine HCL - another ingredient that works extremely well with a caprylic / undecylenic acid combination. Many people with Candida have pH issues in their small intestine which would inhibit the effect of undecyelnic acid if betaine wasn't present. When slow released, it lowers the pH a little in the environments where these two acids work together. Betaine also ensures undecylenic acid works exactly where it needs to, which is the duodenum and ileum (the two parts of the small bowel most effected by Candida). This is a very strategic combination you won't find in another supplement.

  • Black Walnut Hull Extract - contains substances called tannins, one of which is juglone, which according to a 1999 University of Mississippi study is more effective at wiping out worms, parasites and yeasts than commercially available pharmaceutical chemicals such as zinc undecylenate and selenium sulfide and even drugs like metronidazole. Don't worry if you're allergic to nuts, this extract shouldn't cause you any problems.

  • Pau d'arco (4 : 1 ratio standardized) - an herb from South America that's often singled out as one of the premier herbal Candida solutions due to research conducted in the 1970's which discovered several dozen different active ingredients in pau d'arco that inhibit Candida and other fungi. Any anti-candida formula that doesn't have authentic pau d'arco should be considered incomplete. (Pau d'arco is often counterfeited due to its high cost so I authenticate mine via lab tests).

  • Neem (4 : 1 ratio standardized) - an Indian herb rarely found in Candida formulations. According to a 2011 study published in the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, neem extract, even at every low doses, has a very strong anti-fungal effect on a wide range of Candida, aspergillus and microsporum yeast species. It is also anti-parasitic.

  • Biotin - biotin is a sulphur-containing coenzyme (vitamin) produced by the beneficial bacterial in healthy people that has the ability to halt the growth of Candida and prevent it from maturing into its hyphal & mycelial form (which are VERY HARD to get rid of). Simply put, biotin keeps Candida in check and stops its mycelia from spreading into the bloodstream (where it would then have the opportunity to invade ALL other organs, including the skin, vagina and brain). The interruption of this vicious cycle is crucial if you want a full recovery.

  • Oregano Oil - one of the most potent natural anti-fungals. According to research conducted in 2001 at Georgetown University Medical Center, oregano oil, when injected into a culture of Candida, inhibits the growth of yeast completely. These same researchers also found yeast infected mice given oregano oil were fully healed within 30 days whereas ones given olive oil were dead within 10. Using oregano against Candida is particularly advantageous because yeast can't develop a resistance against it.

CanXida Remove is the ultimate first step to getting your health back to normal & has been used by tens of thousands of people worldwide (often when every other formula they tried failed).

For a full explanation of each of the ingredients plus studies and video testimonials from actual CanXida users, see
this page.

Other Information:

Effective against all common species of Candida (Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, Candida krusei, etc.) plus over 150 other yeasts such as Aspergillus, Trichsporon, and Rhodotorula. 

Eliminates over 800 different species of bad bacteria including some of the nastiest such as e. coli, staph aureus giardia, entamoeba histolytica, trichomonas vaginalis & more, along with a broad spectrum of parasite invaders. 

  • Sustained release (targets all parts of the GI tract including intestines & colon).
  • Effective against yeast, bad bacteria & parasites.
  • Non-toxic and can be taken long term.
  • Does not harm beneficial bacteria.
  • Ruptures & destroys bad microbes & yeast cells upon contact.
  • Prevents pathogenic (bad) bacteria from reproducing.
  • Supports a healthy GI tract and gut-related immune function.
  • Natural herbal solution (safe even for children).
  • Does not cause bad “die-off” side effects.
  • Formulated so yeast & bacteria cannot become resistant.

CanXida Remove is made in the USA & comes with a 100% money back guarantee plus free shipping worldwide.

Stop Putting Up With the Pain, Embarrassment,

Self-doubt and Unsupportive Doctors

Stop Putting Up With the Pain, Embarrassment, Self-doubt and Unsupportive Doctors

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A personal note from Deborah (CanXida Support Staff):
Having suffered from a serious gut problem in my late teens (which I though was "IBS"), I know how you’re feeling. And while I may not have experienced every symptom you’re having, the customers I chat with daily certainly have.

I know the feeling of despair and frustration associated with bouncing from doctor to doctor and having each one tell you nothing is wrong and prescribe you the same medications that do nothing but make you feel awful & just send you back to square one. I know about the chronic constipation, the discomfort, the overwhelming fatigue, the misery, the depression & everything else.

I know about the constant bloating and horrible gas & having to wear loose or baggy clothing because your stomach swells so full you feel like you're pregnant and how all this is effecting your job & your social life.

I know about how often you run to the bathroom. The self-doubt you feel when doctors tell you it’s “all in your head.” The embarrassment of telling someone you have “problems down there.” The feeling of being “unclean” after you’ve just showered. The itchiness, irritability, depression, sugar cravings and inability to lose weight.

I also know you've tried many other solutions already. They didn't work so well did they? Maybe you were able to get rid of your symptoms for a few weeks or months only to have them all creep back up on you.

I've been with CanXida for many years now and let me tell you now, the biggest mistake you can make with a gut problem is to ignore it thinking it’ll go away. It won’t go away. In fact it’s not uncommon for new people to contact us saying they’ve been suffering with these symptoms for years!

That’s why I urge you to take this first step towards recovery and give CanXida Remove a try.

Customers write in all the time that they had no faith whatsoever in natural supplements before trying Remove. And if that’s how you feel that’s OK, because I know you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel within just your first week of being on CanXida.

So whether or not you decide to take advantage of this special offer, I’m going to be sending you some really high quality gut health videos which’ll not only teach you how to fix your gut problem for good…

But take your overall health to a whole new level…

Make sure you check them out because while supplements help a lot, they’re only part of the equation.

Stay tuned and watch that inbox,

CanXida Customer Care

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  1. Yes this article was useful – although I am being treated at the moment by a Naturopath who I have a lot of faith in I am still having lots of ongoing problems with the gut due to hypersensitivity to many things (including herbs my body has asked for using Kinesiology).

  2. I have been researching Candida for less than a week. I do realize that there are many Quacks out there. I think that your information is really good. What bothers me is the conflicting information. Many sites say no to tomatoes and others don’t. It is really quite daunting to figure out who is right. Going gluten free has helped me in many ways but I am finding that it includes a lot more sugar in the recipes than I was used to. I grind my own grains and make everything than I can that I eat. I have been a do it yourself cook for many years. We grow the majority of our own food.
    Thank you for sharing you knowledge about this issue. I realize that it takes a considerable effort on your part. I really appreciate everything that you do for the world at large. ( You might want to consider revising the Leave A Reply page. The light grey on black is hard to read. It is nearly impossible to see. (

    • Kathy,
      Have you checked our anti-candida diet video on youtube it will answer your question. We have answered this question multiple times. Please check our youtube channel.

  3. Hi Eric
    I have been following your diet for about 6 months, giving up sugar and carbs, etc and did your quiz resulting in ” mild” candida. From itching to mild. Can I now start on your remove and restore tablets? Thank you so much fir your brilliant videos, you are amazing, bless you.

  4. I would like to leave a short exposition of my health history and query your if that constitutes a long history of Candida of which I have long been unaware. In recent years I have episodes in which I have identified itching and rashes with Candida and treated them through diet. Before that, however, I have had a long history of indigestion and acid reflux–which I have largely remedied through aloe vera juice. Before that I had athlete’s foot as a child and my toenails are still laden with fungus. However, since switching to stevia (away from sugar), the toenails have become easier to clip. So, from what I have described, have I had a long, continuous history of Candida?

    • Fungus & candida go hand in hand from what I understand .. both a fungus. I am fighting fungus getting on the candida, and then will do parasites & heavy metals.

  5. Hi Eric, I am constantly facing excess yeast skin issues and am wondering if candida could be the cause? I downloaded your online e-book and am wondering if the first step means only to eat meats eggs veggies and yogurt( I’m only eating kefir). Is brown rice acceptable at all during this?

    • We have done videos on our channel on topic of brown rice you should check it out. Check out our skin infection page as well!

  6. I look forward to the CanXida and the info on I just found you on YouTube about a week ago and what you say sounds right. I have been virtually house-bond now for well over a decade with such severe pain and fatigue I can not do hardly anything. I have improved some by changing diet and using some supplements but still fall way short of having a life.
    Thank you for all your hard work and info… I really hope THIS works.

  7. hello, I’ve been dealing with constipation for awhile now, and I’ve noticed sometimes the stools produced look almost fungal. so after a bunch of research I noticed what I produced looks like stools of candida overgrowth patients, which led me to look into the possibility of a candida overgrowth. before I jump headfirst into this program I want to be certain that this is the issue. I’m a little worried that if I check with my doctor to be sure i’ll get misdiagnosed (ive been to the doctor before about constipation, they just gave me a colonoscopy and said I had the ‘gut of an old man’ and that I just had to deal with it’ this was two years ago and after several diet and lifestyle changes the problem is still very apparent. I’ve dealt with athletes foot and jock itch before but they went away relatively easily with the use of tinactin, but my gut problems have not gone away. now that background info is out of the way here is my question, is there a way I can test for this myself to be sure or should I just take the risk of a possible misdiagnosis and pay my doctor a visit? thank you.

    • I have just read your issue.
      I am suffering from candida for years. It won’t be healed through miracle. It takes years until you rebalance your gut flora.
      Any doctor who will hear about that you see candida in your stool will categorise you as nuts. If you feel you are right ask for a stool test at your GP.

      1. There are various other tests for candida. Are you bloating after sweets or eating generally? Does your tongue white? etc. there are long tests all over the internet.
      2. Many cases you won’t know 100% what is your real problem. So you need to change your diet – as you did- eliminate all sugar, wheat and stay on very low carbs. This will solve the ‘old man’s gut’ problem as well.
      3. With such a diet you can help your body to recover from anything. (bad bacteria strive on sugar, candida also)
      4. There are general antifungal, antibacterial supplements that could be useful in any condition besides the diet.
      (coconut oil, garlic, neem oil, cranberries supplement, cloves, etc)
      5. Also incorporate probiotics daily and fiber from flax seed or psyllium husks.

      It takes a lot of time to get back your energy level; and at the beginning you will notice that your condition even worse for a short time.

  8. Thank you sooo much for the ebook. I now have some real guidance to beat this horrible life-stealing illness. Thank you for all that you do and your you tube videos. You are a wonderful man. God Bless You.

  9. My 13+ beagle mix is suffering a yeast infection of the skin from the underside of his mutt, throat and down to his chest. Can CanXida be given to dogs to help overcome the problem of itchy skin with bald patches?

  10. Hello! My mom (64) has a bad case of Onycholysis (nails de-touching from nail bed). Two years ago, she had a nail removed. The Dr. sent a sample to the lab and discovered two types of candida in her body. She did not take any antibiotics. Currently, the nail has de-touched again and needs to be removed. We are thinking of doing a laser treatment. Do you think this is a good idea?

    Among other symptoms: heart burn, ears plugging up and feels as though something is her throat all the time.

    My mom has changed her diet, decreased stress and working on lifestyle (exercise), but this still persists. Any advice? Also, how much CanXida should she take? (how many pills/day and for how long).

    Thank you so much in advance. Kinga (

  11. My husband has had over the last 5 years 3 rounds of Cipro for an infection that never existed . He was given gentamicin ? IV
    Since being given all these drugs he now has joint pain in every joint of his fingers esp his wrist and first finger . He also has it in his toes too . He has slightly swollen fingers . He has had mri and these show no arthritis He is in so much pain . Does this sound like yeast infection . He also has a rash on his back which is slightly raised and has had an itchy face too ,

  12. Hi i would just like to know..what particular test will i asked to my GP to get tested for candida please…i had history of yeastinfection and had my monistat trestment for 3 days last march and now i think its coming back nust worried.

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